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male_dom's Journal

The Male Dom / Femme Sub Forum
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This community for all those who are interested in bdsm. Still, the primary focus of the group is on the nature of D/s as between a male dom and a female submissive.

It's a space to discuss scenes, look for partners, ask questions, post stories, share fantasies, debate definitions, flirt, write essays on submission or dominance, confess and talk about what it's like to either live in a D/s relationship, or move towards being in one.

Evolving Clear Rules:

 1) No posting pictures.
 2) No spam or advertising.
 3) No questioning of self-labels (if someone identifies as gay, they are, etc.).
 4) Avoid playing 'I am Domlier/Subbier than thou.'
 5) If you mention it, it's a fair topic for debate.
 6) Try to keep debate as respectful as the circumstances will allow.
 7) If you post fiction, label it as such.
 8) Poetry and personals are allowed.
 9) Trust and Honesty are two group fundamentals.
10) Don't turn comments off on your posts in this community.
11) Don't delete the comments that others write to your posts.
12) This is an ADULT FORUM.
13) No diatribes or manifestos on the world order, nor material of similar nature.

Sister community to fem_dom